Rhythm of the Curve

Beijing Easy Home Mobao
Project Location:
Project Time:
Project Area:
178 m²
Chief Designers:
Jiang Hui, Shi Shanshan, Bai Jin

Project Image

Design Description:

What kind of space can better display this art-caliber audio-visual equipment? What kind of moving line can express the charm of these products more? First of all, the overall inspiration comes from the ear, the best and most natural sound processing and amplification equipment. We chose five curves to complete the facade design, and another five curves to complete the lighting system on the top.

Secondly, wood boards and metal aluminum boards are the primary materials used in the space, which themselves are elements frequently used in sound equipment. The tone of the space is also extracted from these brands to inform the color of the space, the natural wood color and metal gray, but with different glosses and textures of gray, to constantly alternate interpretation.

Finally, a balanced art installation of wind chimes is added to the space. The hoisting elements of this art installation are all made from waste materials , while the decoration and plaster models are inspired by the ears.

We want the space and the product to be one, to play together, making our experience more enjoyable and interesting.