Pure Lotus

Shenyang Greenbelt State Guest Mansion
Project Location:
Shenyang, Liaoning
Project Time:
Project Area:
Chief Designer:
Jiang Hui

Project Image

Design Descriptions:

This model house is located in Shenyang, a state guest mansion project. It is a comprehensive luxury estate combining government and business. Shenyang was the birthplace of the Qing Empire, so we used a lot of elements from the Qing Dynasty, and elements from Qing dynasty paintings. For example, Lang Shining, who assisted five emperors, extracted many elements and colors from his paintings of flowers, birds, landscapes, and figures, in order to express the essence associated with the whole era. The lotus represents the state of coming out of the mud without being stained. It is a concept central to Oriental thought. Therefore, a lotus theme runs through our entire space, while the elements and colors of Lang Shining reflect our multifaceted aesthetic.