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About Company

Beijing AnYueZhai Architectural Design Office was founded by Mr. Jiang Hui in 2007, an advanced and well-equipped interior design firm specializing in space design. It is devoted to creating the “new literati” living aesthetic space that suits Chinese people the most, and explains the connotation of the eastern elite class. Peace of mind is the state which Yue realizes; a peaceful experience via the energy of space through the eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body and mind. The home embodies a living and working space with masterful characteristics and a balance of the five elements. In line with the design concept of “safe and clean design, enjoyment of life” AnYueZhai has, after more than 10 years of dedicated polishing, developed into a new domestic literati design leader.

With professional design services, and thinking in line with what customers think, AnYueZhai has become the exclusive design team of many enterprise customers, dedicated to customizing environments according to their own characteristics and dreams for different spaces.