Residence Space

Break out of the traditional pattern of use planning focus on a single model, with more attention paid to meeting the needs of private property owners. Enhance the effect of residential refinement design by creating a more comfortable and practical home for homeowners.

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Red Day

Villa L1 of Luhu Eco-Friendly City

Cozy Life

Changsha Sixth Capital Loft

All Her Dreams Come True

Changsha Sixth Capital flat

Forest Capital

Yinchuan Forest Capital Villa

Intelligent Life, WeLife

Beijing Yosemite Villa

Sea Pearl Orchid Pavilion

Yinchuan Sea Pearl Orchid Pavilion Loft

Morning Light

Beijing Zijin No. 1 Courtyard Villa

Fuchun Resort

Beijing GuoYu Mansion

Le Corbusier

A6 Loft of Luhu Eco-Friendly City

Pop Icon

T3-B of Chengdu Luhu Eco-Friendly City


A5loft60 of Chengdu Luhu Eco-Friendly City

Jing Qing Pavilion

Beijing Peace Village Private Residence

Where the Mountain Lies

Tianjin Vantone New Villa Loft

Japanese Pottery

T3-A of Chengdu Luhu Eco-Friendly City


A5loft30 of Chengdu Luhu Eco-Friendly City

Pure Lotus

Shenyang Greenbelt State Guest Mansion